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Karpathos island is situated between Rhodos and Crete and belongs to the Dodecanese complex, which means "the twelve islands". Apart from the capital of Karpathos which is formerly called Pigadia there are ten main villages with approximately 7.000 people in total. Many of the locals have immigrated to the USA , Canada and Australia for economic reasons in 70’s and 80’s. Most of them come back regularly vacation which brings the population to higher numbers. Although the touristic development in last year’s Karpathos remains an island small numbers of tourists visiting each year most of them visiting the island for more than one time.

Karpathos morphology is a long and narrow island with diverse faces. The southern part of the island is mostly flat with moderate hills and sandy beaches. The northern part of Karpathos is characterized by the island's highest mountain range, Mount Kali Limni(Good Lake). Furthermore, one can find himself in mountain sides, full of pine trees which are extend nearby golden, or pebble and sandy beaches.

Karpathos Island has an international which is one of the biggest in Greece and in addition two main ports that connect the island with the rest of the country. To…
Windsurfing Karpathos island is famous for its wind guarantee that friend of windsurfing enjoy. During the summer months windsurfers can find everything they wish for at the area of Afiartis…
Olympos is located on the slopes of Profitis Ilias and is the island's beauty spot. It is one of the most remarkable villages in Greece with Its 450 people zealously…
On the South part of the island there are located most of the villages of Karpathos Island. Karpathos or Pigadia the island's main port and capital, is beautifully secluded in…
The west coast beaches are the most exposed to the winds and they are only available in low wind conditions. In the small village Arkasa there is one of the…
On the east cost of Karpathos Island are smaller and gravelly without wind. In Pigadia there are the successive beaches of Xenonas, Afoti, and Vronti, , which are well organized,…

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