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South Karpathos ViIllages

On the South part of the island there are located most of the villages of Karpathos Island. Karpathos or Pigadia the island's main port and capital, is beautifully secluded in mountain ringed Vrontis Bay. The town offers every facility visitors may need such as banks, shops as well as hotels, tavernas and bars.

Menetes is a village close by the town(8 km) and it is amphitheatrically built on the slopes of a hill. There is a main road typically cutting the village in two. A charming village with little homes with flowerpots to contrast against the whitewashed walls harbor a long tradition of culture.

Arkasa is a beautiful coastal village with touristic development. Hotel accommodation and taverns and bars facilities are available in the village, along with a lot of sightseeing. There are 400 people dwelling in Arkassa and in the summer time over 1500, lying within 16 km South West from Capital town Pigadia.

Othos and Volada are approximately 12 Km from Karpathos Town. Situated in about 500 meters elevation and offers the best view towards the sea and the south eastern part of the island. In both villages there are traditional Karpathian houses and one of them has been preserved as a craft museum. The neighboring village of Pyles has excellent views to the sea.
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